Watchdog Capital Securities Registration

Bruce Fenton

Cypherpunk Stockbroker

I am pleased to announce that I have activated my license as a FINRA Series 7, General Securities Representative with Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered broker dealer.

Watchdog Capital is an SEC registered broker dealer based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Watchdog Capital offers institutional and high net worth investment services. Our platform and FINRA membership enables us to offer:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Placements of securities including Crowdfunding and Regulation A-Plus offerings
  • Secondary market transactions including private equity
  • Mutual funds, Direct Participation Programs; variable annuities, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Referral services with other broker-dealers
  • Licensing and registration of FINRA members
  • Compliance and consulting services for existing or new broker dealers or non registered entities who need a registration or affiliation

I believe in stocks, sound money, free markets and reducing risk through systems and planning.

This affiliation will enable me to more effectively serve people I advise and to more actively manage the growth of Watchdog Capital.

Investing and FinTech Today

Massive advances in technology, the internet, the advent of Bitcoin and distributed ledger technology and our ever changing global economy have created opportunities and boundless potential for change. Watchdog Capital seeks to understand this global change and employ the highest quality privacy and compliance standards to help you achieve your goals investment goals.

Watchdog Capital ( is looking forward to helping you.

Please stay tuned.

Watchdog Capital's robotic dog mascot.