The Words Cyberpunk and Cypherpunk

Bruce Fenton

Cypherpunk is the name for a group of people who believe in certain principles around technology and who write or design code to support those principles.

In the early 90s, key ideas about the modern Cypherpunk movement were formed. In 1993 Eric Hughes wrote the Cypherpunk Manifesto which described a form of peaceful activism designed to protect civil rights with privacy technology.

The Cypherpunks Mailing List was a popular online discussion group which had many notable members.

Many of the ideas in the mailing list are directly related to the origins of Bitcoin and related ideas and technology.

Google definition for the word cyberpunk
Google definition for the word cypherpunk

Cyberpunk is a type of science fiction characterized with high technology and a dystopian future which is usually chaotic.

William Gibson, the author of Neuromancer helped define the veneer. Cyberpunk is commonly known as “high tech low life”.

Cyberpunk is also a cool art genre and the theme of the upcoming video game staring Keanu Reeves called Cyberpunk 2077.

The two terms have some things in common: they are both tech focused, have been around roughly the same amount of time, both are concerned with harmful totalitarian forces and there are common fans.

Sometimes the design & genre of cyberpunk overlaps with cypherpunk ideas or projects.

A comic book cover for the comic "In code we trust."
A comic book cover for the Satoshi Roundtable comic book.