Campaign Blog Day 1

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Bruce Fenton

What an interesting experience the process has been so far.
Yesterday’s announcement was very well received.
I was surprised that the opposition party was so worried that they went on the attack.

Senator Hassan did not do well on her first day with me as an opponent – she took to Twitter to try to raise money off my announcement and instead got ratioed.
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The decision process

The process of deciding to run was a challenging one.

The main negative factors are:

  1. I don’t think US Senators can get very much done – each Senator is only one vote out of 100 and there is no executive power in the office – as a candidate I can’t promise to get anything done at all – I can only say how I would vote
  2. Being away from the job I love, my family and our beautiful arm is a major ask that I do not take lightly

The main reasons for running:

  1. Our world is changing rapidly and our country is in trouble
  2. I would not forgive myself if I do not try