Bruce Fenton Running for US Senate

Bruce Fenton

Bitcoiner Bruce Fenton Running for US Senate in New Hampshire

Portsmouth, NH, March 30, 2022

Bruce Fenton, Bitcoiner and free markets advocate, announced today his bid for the United States Senate representing New Hampshire. Fenton is an entrepreneur and serves as CEO of Chainstone Labs and Managing Director of Watchdog Capital, a licensed securities brokerage firm.   

“America is at one of its most crucial times in history. Much of what we know and what makes our country great is under threat. We have an extraordinary opportunity to build a better country and world by embracing our core Constitutional values.” said Fenton who is running on a platform of freedom, human rights, free markets and peace. “I’m very much against the lockdowns, movement passes and other abuses we’ve seen over the last two years. I’m in favor of personal choice, sound economics, capitalism and small government.”

Fenton has over 20 years of experience in global finance. He has worked and lived around the world and has completed billions of dollars in transactions and worked with some of the world’s largest investors. Fenton got his start on Wall Street after serving in the US Navy and has worked full time on Bitcoin and digital assets since 2013. He served as Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, is host of the well-known Satoshi Roundtable event series, is a successful angel investor, supporter of open source software and is a self described cypherpunk.

Fenton is in favor of limiting government and increasing human choice and freedom. He intends to run a campaign focused on access, transparency and using the latest technology to help voters get to know him and what he stands for.  Fenton’s website is

He will be hosting regular Zoom, Clubhouse and Twitter spaces conversations and traveling New Hampshire in an RV. Fenton says he will continue working on his businesses, investments and other work in Bitcoin and digital assets.  “Live Free or Die is our state motto”, said Fenton, “there’s never been a more important time to live and embrace this. We have a country to save.”

Fenton lives on a historic farm on the Great Bay in Seacoast New Hampshire with his wife and their four children.

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  1. Roger Stephenson
    Roger Stephenson
    March 31, 2022 at 4:34 pm

    Do you acknowledge the consensus that climate change is real, here and primarily human-induced? What’s your approach to addressing climate change, given your free market allegiance? Do you believe governments have a role to play in addressing this problem?

    • Bruce Fenton
      April 1, 2022 at 8:04 pm

      The environment is deeply important to me. My free markets view goes also with one that it is legitimate for government to protect life, liberty and property – so this includes our environment. If someone attempts to pollute the Great Bay for example then I would view that as an infringement on my rights as a Great Bay resident and I believe it is a legitimate role of the government to stop such an abuse.

      Now when we get into much more complex situations like carbon credits and climate change — the roper role of government is not as clear – and this is compounded by the problem that data and information is politicized. Even if we can agree on the data, it is harder to agree on what a solution should be, where government should be involved and especially what the second order effects are. Both Covid policy and Afghanistan policy show government’s ability to be wrong or not consider second order effects.

      So overall I want to support the environment as much as possible but would be very cautious of experts and centralized power.

  2. Brock
    March 31, 2022 at 5:02 pm


  3. Scott Maltzie
    Scott Maltzie
    April 1, 2022 at 12:38 am

    Bruce, would love to have you come speak to our committee sometime. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Next opening is July 20th. Also we have a Wine and Appetizer Fundraiser Event at the end of July. Send me a good email and I can send you the details.

    Scott Maltzie, PhD
    Merrimack County GOP

    • Bruce Fenton
      April 1, 2022 at 7:50 pm

      You got it! I’ll be setting up a schedule soon!