The Path to Victory – Bruce Fenton US Senate

Bruce Fenton

Here is a basic rundown of the election and how I can win.  

The election is for the United States Senate representing New Hampshire. 

Currently the seat is held by Democrat Maggie Hassan, a first term incumbent. 

I am running as a Republican, so to face Hassan in the general election I need to win the primary. 

STEP 1:  Win the primary on September 13, 2022

In New Hampshire we have a GOP primary. I have to win this to move on to the general election just 8 weeks later. 

STEP 2:  Win the general election on Tuesday November 8, 2022. 

How to win the primary. 

Based on the last few primaries, there will likely be in the neighborhood of 150,000 GOP primary voters.  This is split four ways currently with the possibility of one or more additional candidates entering. The average primary voter is about 68 years old, mostly males and obviously most are active republicans. 

70,000 gop primary voters should be enough to win. Depending how many total votes and how many votes each primary candidate gets, the primary could be won with as few as 40,000 votes – I’d like to shoot for 70-100,000 votes by targeting all 150,000 likely primary voters as well as hopefully bringing in thousands of new primary voters. 

Getting people who don’t vote to vote is typically very difficult – so while I’d love to do mass marketing or bring in an army of students or other young voters, historically that is very difficult. Elections are decided by who shows up and right now that is mainly the active Republican town committee members and other active voters. 

Independents and non declared voters can vote in the GOP primary.  This could be a very large and meaningful voting block.  There are 20-40,000 active libertarians who vote regularly and of course many independents. 

One of the most key issues for republicans has been the lockdowns, masks and injections.  They are unhappy with the Biden / Hassan vision for America and I speak to these issues. 

2022 is a great time for an outsider to mix up the system.  

Winning the General Election 

Senator Hassan is considered weak by many media & election watchers. Hassan is extremely unpopular and polls at 48-52 versus “any generic Republican”.  Many people expect a red wave in November. 

In the last election Hassan won by only 1,017 votes.  The independent/ libertarian candidate, Aaron Day won 17,000 votes.  

Aaron Day endorsed me the day I announced. 

You can’t win New Hampshire without the libertarian vote.  

There have been 20-40,000 libertarian voters in recent elections.  Even in cases where they know they are unlikely to win, these principled voters turn out.  I appeal to these voters and can bring out many libertarians and independents.  My ideas & positions appeal to both independents and even some moderate democrats who might be pro peace or against the drug war. 

Overall there are a lot of American voters who are extremely motivated by what has occurred since the last election. There are small business owners and workers who suffered under the lockdowns and there are people who felt they were not heard in the last election.  I believe that these people will vote in record numbers in November and I am the best candidate for them.