I’m not McConnell’s guy and I’m not Trump’s guy either

Bruce Fenton

I resisted going to Washington DC during the campaign but after many kind invitations, I finally went down. At one key meeting, I was advised by someone I respect: “If you don’t like McConnell, I recommend you do not ever mention his name.” It’s well known that McConnell has the power to direct large PACs to put millions into primary races against those who earn his disfavor.

Of course, being a disruptor, the first chance I had in a debate, I did the opposite of what I had been advised. I criticized Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and my opponent who he supports, Chuck Morse. As expected, McConnell came in with $4 million in support for Morse through a PAC.

I said in the debate: I would not vote for Mitch McConnell because McConnell has bad ideas.

McConnell is not the only major political figure who is a factor in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire. The endorsement of President Donald Trump is highly sought after for good reasons.

President Trump is a complex and nuanced person. Few have been more unfairly treated – even hated – by the media. His Presidency has been inaccurately reported on. Some negative coverage was outright lies. Inaccurate reporting has contributed to the division we see today.

The truth is, President Trump – like all Presidents – did many good things and many things that could have been better. President Trump certainly shook things up as an outsider – from cutting areas of government to opening relations with North Korea.

Unfortunately, some of his policies around lockdowns, the vaccine, and matters of liberty could have been improved on. He took some actions to expand the government. In my opinion the best representatives have been those like Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Thomas Massie, who voted with President Trump and McConnell sometimes but other times not. It’s about the votes and specific issues.

To be clear, I certainly welcome any and all endorsements. The Trump endorsement has loomed in our race for over a year now. Some of my opponents have worked very hard to try to gain notice from the former-President. He can help win an election.

We are in complex times of change and in these times we should be following principles most of all. It should be less about people. We need to be more objective.

My loyalty is to the people of New Hampshire, through a lens of human rights, freedom, and to the United States Constitution.

No matter if it was Sen. McConnell, President Trump, or Joe Biden, I would vote to limit the power of the President and other politicians by voting against laws that create a more powerful federal government.  

We need unity, not division, and peace, human rights, and the Constitution is what unites us most of all as Americans.