Greeting President Biden in Portsmouth

Today I met some great American patriots who were on hand to welcome Joe Biden to Portsmouth. Unfortunately we could get no where near Biden’s photo opportunity – I believe this is an infringement on our first amendment right to protest. It was still great to see the energy of people who care about freedom.

Campaign Blog Day 3

Bought a new RV! Bought a new RV!! Thank you to the fine folks at RV One in Epsom, NH! Looking for decoration ideas— I’m thinking hippie van meets cypherpunk – artists / any ideas? Where should I go visit in NH? #NewHampshire #LiveFreeorDie — Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton) March 31, 2022

Bruce fenton walking in a field.

Campaign Blog Day 2

Learning about the campaign process Over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten a flurry of phone calls from leading strategists, consultants and political heavyweights.Over the last couple months I’ve learned a lot about the election process and how campaign finance works.Overall the process seems broken and soul crushing.I certainly always love advice and I’m a…