Ravencoin’s New Features as an Alternative to Smart Contracts

A Different Model for Decentralized Finance and Other Apps Smart contracts have a lot of extra complexity, in some cases this has caused critical errors.‬ We see this often. ‪Ravencoin looked to solve token issuance in an entirely different way, with no smart contracts. The protocol (a Bitcoin code fork) modifies the UTXO output to…

The SEC Blockchain Safe Harbor Proposal

SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce has proposed SEC Rule 195, a safe harbor for token projects looking to raise money. The proposal essentially says that blockchain startups would have a safe harbor period of three years to get a network sufficiently decentralized. At this point the token would no longer be considered a security. What the…

Governance in Raven Project & other FOSS Projects

A long time industry member and friend asked me if I could help with navigating getting some changes on Ravencoin implemented. I replied by email and have adapted it slightly for this article. My reply might be useful for anyone thinking about governance for Ravencoin, Bitcoin or any other free and open source project. Ravencoin…

A Satoshi Roundtable comic book cover.

The Words Cyberpunk and Cypherpunk

Cypherpunk is the name for a group of people who believe in certain principles around technology and who write or design code to support those principles. In the early 90s, key ideas about the modern Cypherpunk movement were formed. In 1993 Eric Hughes wrote the Cypherpunk Manifesto which described a form of peaceful activism designed…

Watchdog Capital Securities Registration

Cypherpunk Stockbroker I am pleased to announce that I have activated my license as a FINRA Series 7, General Securities Representative with Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered broker dealer. Watchdog Capital is an SEC registered broker dealer based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Watchdog Capital offers institutional and high net worth investment services. Our platform and…

Crow with mouth open

Ravencoin: Occam’s Razor of Assets‬?

It’s a basic fork of Bitcoin. It copies the Bitcoin code base — then copies many ideas from Counterparty / Omnilayer / Mastercoin. It has a different algo. One minute block time. Limited supply. Simple issuance schedule (same as BTC). No treasury. No premine. No fundraise. No central control. No execs. No offices. Just an idea. Some code that’s been built on with more ideas. More code. A lot of people run the code and use it — those users made a network— that’s it. ‬

The Chatham House Rule, Privacy and Cypherpunk Values

The Chatham House Rule was invented by old timey diplomats and reads.

“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”