The SEC Blockchain Safe Harbor Proposal

SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce has proposed SEC Rule 195, a safe harbor for token projects looking to raise money. The proposal essentially says that blockchain startups would have a safe…

A Satoshi Roundtable comic book cover.

The Words Cyberpunk and Cypherpunk

Cypherpunk is the name for a group of people who believe in certain principles around technology and who write or design code to support those principles. In the early 90s,…

Watchdog Capital Securities Registration

Cypherpunk Stockbroker I am pleased to announce that I have activated my license as a FINRA Series 7, General Securities Representative with Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered broker dealer. Watchdog…

Crow with mouth open

Ravencoin: Occam’s Razor of Assets‬?

It’s a basic fork of Bitcoin. It copies the Bitcoin code base — then copies many ideas from Counterparty / Omnilayer / Mastercoin. It has a different algo. One minute block time. Limited supply. Simple issuance schedule (same as BTC). No treasury. No premine. No fundraise. No central control. No execs. No offices. Just an idea. Some code that’s been built on with more ideas. More code. A lot of people run the code and use it — those users made a network— that’s it. ‬

Bitcoin Security Lessons for Ravencoin

Bitcoin is extraordinarily complex with layers of security and years of dedicated experts working on it.‬

There are thousands of eyes on the Bitcoin code. Hundreds of active devs on the core code.‬