Fenton’s Freedom Filibustermatt

Thank you to everyone who watched the stream live and attended the Filibuster in person!

Bruce Fenton
On July 18 2022,
I spoke about freedom and liberty for 33 hours straight.
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One coffee. One red bull.

That’s the total caffeine intake that I had during my 33 hours and 9 minutes filibuster.

Why did I do this?

I had avoided caffeine early on the first day because I didn’t want the crash that comes after caffeine – – caffeine is fine if you want to stay awake for six or seven extra hours into the evening – – caffeine is not fine if you want to stay awake on a marathon endurance session like what I did on July 18th.

I set out in honor of the U.S. Senate filibuster to see how long I could speak without a break. My goal was to break the record set by Strom Thurmond in 1957 of 24 hours and 18 minutes.

I was able to break this record by over nine hours and take a lot of questions and have some fun in the process. The other major difference from a U.S. Senate filibuster is that I was able to take questions by phone, Clubhouse and Twitter and have a little bit more of an interactive session.

Overall I’m proud of the filibuster because it is the only time to my knowledge that any U.S. political candidate in history has taken this many questions unfiltered from voters. Politicians and candidates should be more transparent and voters should do more to demand more of this kind of transparency from their candidates. They don’t need to do 33 hours but even three hours would be a good start. New technology like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse allow us more access than ever and there’s no excuse for this to not be widely used in modern political campaigns.

Another thing that the filibuster shows is that if I were to be sent down to Washington DC, I have the will and the ability to do a real filibuster on the real Senate floor – I’m confident that I could easily break the record set by Strom Thurmond and I’m also confident that there are quite a few important issues that would be worth doing just that for.

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