The Economy – in Dover NH & America

The economy is in very serious trouble. We have signs all around us here in Dover NH & across America of failure, staffing, logistics & supply chain issues. Inflation & other problems are the direct result of bad decisions by politicians. We can & must fix this.

First Staff & Volunteer Meeting

We had a great meeting at the farm today. We will have these often – weekly other than when there are conflicts. We discuss the campaign path to victory, main priorities for outreach to primary voters and how the campaign is run and works. We brought on a few more staff members. If you’d like…

Quote in NH Journal: Hassan dodges issue

Hassan’s potential GOP opponents are declaring their opposition to debt relief and denouncing her silence. “Forgiving student debt is a terrible idea that creates a moral hazard and weakens an already weak system,” said GOP U.S. Senate candidate and Bitcoin millionaire Bruce Fenton. “It’s also profoundly unfair to people who were responsible about their debt…