The Path to Victory – Bruce Fenton US Senate

Here is a basic rundown of the election and how I can win.   The election is for the United States Senate representing New Hampshire.  Currently the seat is held by Democrat Maggie Hassan, a first term incumbent.  I am running as a Republican, so to face Hassan in the general election I need to win…

Greeting President Biden in Portsmouth

Today I met some great American patriots who were on hand to welcome Joe Biden to Portsmouth. Unfortunately we could get no where near Biden’s photo opportunity – I believe this is an infringement on our first amendment right to protest. It was still great to see the energy of people who care about freedom.

Former Bitcoin Foundation Director Joins New Hampshire Senate Race – CryptoNewsBTC Fenton served as volunteer Government Director for the Bitcoin Basis between April 2015 and June 2016, and between April 2016 and April 2018, he served as a part-time board member. CryptoNewsBTC Send this page to your friends and family in New Hampshire By email By text

Former Bitcoin Foundation Director Joins New Hampshire Senate Race – CryptoGlobe In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Fenton said that his early investment into Bitcoin allowed him to make a small fortune, $5 million of which he intends to use to fund his campaign efforts. Fenton has also been a participant in New Hampshire’s Free State Project, a political “pro-freedom movement” that seeks to reduce…