Our World is ChangingBruce Fenton
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To properly make decisions we must understand where our world is, what is going on and how the future is unfolding.

Right now the world is going through a time of massive change. History has recorded numerous times when the entire world changes: systems, technology, power structures, borders and governments all change in the blink of an eye. The book The Fourth Turning by Howe & Strauss covers this topic and it’s relation to demographics and generations. A fourth turning tends to occur every 100 years or so and they vary in impact.

There are certain times in history when the fourth turning is much larger and more dramatic. I call this an epoch shift. Examples would include the advent of the printing press, the separation of church and state or the French and American revolutions. There are times when old systems are replaced.

There is no question that we are in a fourth turning now, it’s just a question of how large and dramatic. I believe that the times of change we are in now are truly epic, far more significant than anything seen in several generations. I believe that the coming years will see radical changes in geopolitics, business, technology, finance, trade, beliefs and day to day life.

The massive lock-downs and reckless money printing of 2020-2022 are the final straw in breaking what was already a very weak and shaky global financial system and geopolitical structure. The lock-downs will probably be marked in history as a catalyst for the beginning of the end of the old world. Many people and organizations are still operating under rules built for a world that is now gone.

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