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My Positions on The Issues

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We must base our policy on New Hampshire values

New Hampshire is a very special state when it comes to politics. The first in the nation/ Live Free or Die state should be an example to the rest of America. I support all efforts to increase freedom and liberty in New Hampshire at a state and Federal level. We need more freedom and liberty in American Policy. New Hampshire citizens take their voting seriously and take their independence and freedom seriously.
Read further to learn the fundamental policies that I believe in.

Freedom / Movement Passes, mandated vaccines and mask policies

I am for human rights and absolutely and firmly against the vast government overreach we’ve seen over the last two years. The government should have no authority to close businesses, restrict movements or tell people what to put into their body. A system of government with movement passes and politician scientists deciding what risks people can take is unworkable in America or any free society.

Foreign policy / war

I am consistently against war and against US involvement in global conflicts. I believe our foreign policy for much of the last 50 years has been poor to disastrous.  I protested the Gulf invasion, the Afghanistan occupation and our many bombing campaigns over the last many years. We must break the cycle of waste and violence and revise American Policy. The only legislate use of the US military is to protect and defend the Constitution.

International relations

I believe in trade and friendship with all peaceful nations. We should have open trade and allow people and businesses to deal with other people and businesses anywhere in the world and in any way they wish.

Sound economic policy

Our economy is in serious trouble. Many of us in finance have seen and known this for many years. The 2008 bailouts were the beginning of the end of the modern financial system. The reaction to Covid threw gasoline on this global economic fire and placed it on a path from which there can be no return. Fiat is a melting ice cube. Our fiat system is simply not sustainable. I advise everyone to understand this and take actions to protect your family’s financial future.


We must prevent illegal immigration and enforce the law but more importantly, we should make the laws more in line with our historic norms and more friendly to immigrants. Ellis Island once saw millions arrive to our country under the Statue of Liberty’s verse “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.  Our nation is a nation of immigrants. We win when we let refugees and immigrants come here *legally* to pursue the American dream, we should make this as easy as possible for them.


I believe Bitcoin is superior money to the existing fiat system. It is the strongest and most secure chain and has a massive amount of economic and technical interest securing it. Bitcoin is better money. Ultimately Bitcoin is code that was given away for free which people run on their computers. Running and writing code is protected speech and should not be interfered with in any way.  An open source project, given away freely, should not be subject to regulation in the US.


There are numerous other types of digital assets including collectibles and securities. Many of these are already regulated by securities laws. I’m against any new crypto related regulation and I’m concerned about Biden’s recent request for studying the area.


Central Bank Digital Currencies – these are essentially fiat currency systems placed into a technical wrapper to make it seem innovative and perhaps move a bit more fluidly.  At the end of the day, CBDCs are still fiat and fiat is broken.

Securities Regulation

I’m a majority owner of an SEC registered broker dealer. As a licensed securities broker and financial professional, I am concerned about America’s ability to compete globally due to our burdensome regulatory environment.  I believe that regulatory burdens should be dramatically decreased. Companies and people should be far more free to trade and interact as they wish.
I’m a huge supporter of the recent improvements in Reg CF, Reg D and Reg A exemption limits.

The drug war

The drug war has been an abject failure.  I’m in favor of ending the drug war.  Certainly many drugs kill people and have extremely negative effects on society and individuals. I do not believe that prohibition is effective.


Taxation is theft.
This phrase sounds sensational to some but it is based on logic, critical thinking and the dictionary definition of the word theft.  There are no exceptions made in the dictionary for a “social contract” or “unless it’s for the greater good/ done by people with special titles”.  At the end of the day, taxation amounts to someone taking wages from someone else.  There are various ways to attempt to explain or justify the theft but it is still theft. We must acknowledge that there is no “government money” in the tax pool.  That’s worker money and worker wages that have been taken, under threat, from citizens.  We can’t possibly spend effectively if we don’t remember this first.  I’m in favor of letting the people keep that money and make their own decisions about how to spend it.

Health care

We have several problems with health care in the US which would be improved. Ironically many of these problems relate to regulation and government health care programs. Many doctors spend 50% or more of their time on paperwork.  We should get government out of the healthcare business and provide tax credits for people to control and manage their own health care.

Schools / Education 

Overall the public education system could be improved by placing more control in the hands of parents and less in the hands of government, especially on a Federal level. I support school choice, vouchers and parental rights.

Gun Rights

I’m a strong believer in the human right of self defense. Firearms are what is known tactically as a “force equalizer”. A firearm can give equal defensive capabilities to someone who is smaller, physically weaker or outnumbered by attackers. Firearms are a key part of a free and responsible society.
Most anti gun advocates are not really anti-gun, they are in favor of all the guns being in the hands of the government. That doesn’t work and would only lead to more violence. 

Gay marriage

I support anyone’s right to marry who they want or to enter into any other similar agreement with anyone. Government doesn’t have any business telling people who they can marry or not. Marriage and all other agreements and partnerships between people should be based on the wishes of the parties involved. If they wish to bring in an additional party to thier ceremony or agreement such as a church, that is their right. Government is not needed in such interactions.

Other issues?

I write my own website content and have managed this website since the 1990s. I am happy to transparently and openly discuss any issue.