The Path to Victory – Bruce Fenton US Senate

Here is a basic rundown of the election and how I can win.   The election is for the United States Senate representing New Hampshire.  Currently the seat is held by Democrat Maggie Hassan, a first term incumbent.  I am running as a Republican, so to face Hassan in the general election I need to win…

Campaign Blog Day 3

Bought a new RV! Bought a new RV!! Thank you to the fine folks at RV One in Epsom, NH! Looking for decoration ideas— I’m thinking hippie van meets cypherpunk – artists / any ideas? Where should I go visit in NH? #NewHampshire #LiveFreeorDie — Bruce Fenton (@brucefenton) March 31, 2022

Bruce fenton walking in a field.

Campaign Blog Day 2

Learning about the campaign process Over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten a flurry of phone calls from leading strategists, consultants and political heavyweights.Over the last couple months I’ve learned a lot about the election process and how campaign finance works.Overall the process seems broken and soul crushing.I certainly always love advice and I’m a…

Bruce fenton vlogging.

Campaign Blog Day 1

What an interesting experience the process has been so far.Yesterday’s announcement was very well received.I was surprised that the opposition party was so worried that they went on the attack. Senator Hassan did not do well on her first day with me as an opponent – she took to Twitter to try to raise money…