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Listed below are some articles and publications that I have both been featured in and have personally written, as well as a collection of interviews, and presentations.

Articles By Bruce

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Bruce has been interviewed by The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune, Bloomberg, The National Law Journal, The Journal of Accountancy, The American Bar Association Lawyer’s Weekly, The National Law Journal, Fortune Small Business Magazine, and many other publications.

Interview 86: Bruce Fenton and the Corona Quarantine Conundrum (2020)

The Man Who Saw the Covid-19 Pandemic Coming – BlockTV (2020)

Bruce Fenton Asks: WHy Be So Afraid of Securities – BlockTV (2020)

Forex Analytix Webinar Interview with Bruce Fenton (2019)

Bruce Fenton Interview with Jim Rogers (2012)

Bruce Fenton on Pulse of Saudi Arabia – CNBC (2011)

Bruce Fenton's View On Craig Wright And Satoshi

Bruce Fenton Interview with Jim Rogers (2012)


Bruce has presented at various events such as The North American Bitcoin Conference, Chicago North America Bitcoin Conference, World Blockchain Forum, NH Liberty Forum & more.

2018 Texas Bitcoin Conference

Spacesuit X – The North American Bitcoin Conference 2018

2017 Texas Bitcoin Conference

Spacesuit X – World Blockchain Forum (2017)

Worcester Economics Club (2017)

The North American Bitcoin Conference 2017

The Anarchist #334: Bruce Fenton (2017)

Erik Voorhees & Bruce Fenton Bitcoin Fireside Chat (2015)

Bitcoin Keynote from Isle of Man – The Future of Bitcoin (2014)

Inside Bitcoin London Keynote – Emerging Markets & the Bitcoin Race (2014)

Bitcoin and the NY Bitlicense Proposed Regulations (2014)

Chicago N. America Bitcoin Conference – Philanthropy, Emerging Markets & Regulation (2014)

Bitcoin UAE: Juan Llanos, Fouad Jeryes, Bruce Fenton in Dubai on Bitcoin & Government Acceptance (2014)

Bitcoin Basics and Regulation Thoughts from NH Liberty Forum (2014)

Bitcoin is not just a Fad, but a New Invention (2014)

Texas Bitcoin Conference 2014